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"She Dreams" By Dr Franky Dolan

She has lived a life confined to her home, and the soft ribbon tied in bows around her ankles symbolize her binding situation. She gazes up at the sky full of hot air balloons, made of real gold-dipped findings and sparkling crystals, as they carry her dreams of seeing the world into the air. Her childhood rocking horse is real metal with crystals and memories adorning it. She wears a rusty rhinestone laden birdcage atop her head, which opens and closes to release her wishes. The song "Camelot" twinkles aloud and she falls into her wondrous dreams of what life could have been, and what it may just become.

Turn the knob at the top of this incredible box, and watch the three featured crystal and gold hot air balloons actually spin with the handmade music movement mechanism. The sweet little rocking horse is an old heavy toy from yesteryear, made of metal, with a bronze patina and Swarovski crystals. One tap of the finger, and the horse rocks on its own for a long while. The softest antique fabric graces the back wall, with layers of scenes and drawings of the places she imagines. The symbolism is rich, and the impact of this artwork is deeply lasting.

The Doll:
Her body and face are hand sculpted and painted, made to look like an old world primitive art doll. She is constructed of wood and clay, with metals and antique jewelry pieces. The golden beads of her hands, and within the boxes of her feet, are dipped in real gold. Antique lace and fabric make up her stalkings and skirt. Antique rhinestone jewelry is placed as her neck piece and within the birdcage atop her head. This delicate beauty is waiting for her adventures to come.

This is a true one of a kind art piece with no comparison, original in design and function, this diorama is achingly stunning in person. It must be seen, touched and heard to fully appreciate its wonder.

This magical masterpiece is extremely well built, with the most passionate of care and artistry. A true wonder for the lucky owner to have forever, never to be recreated again. This is the only one of its kind in the world. ~ Play it, and just watch the magic manifest!

-Song played is "Camelot"
-Box measures 14 inches tall, 9.5 inches wide, 5 inches deep
-Art Doll measures approximately 12 inches tall, 6 inches when seated
-Components: Antique lace and fabric, antique rhinestone jewelry, clay, wood, gold-dipped findings, chain, music box movement, crystals, metal rocking horse, ornate metal box feet