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"The Agreement" by Dr Franky Dolan

Knowing that your Family was United Before Birth

There is a moment, before we are born. All of the universal forces of life come together and spark creation within us. We are brought to a place of total peace, where we plan out our lives. There, we can meet with other souls, and help each other to learn and grow in the lifetime about to come. The most sacred connection between these souls is that very moment when they are all in harmony, and they choose to be a family. This is the agreement. Three beings here, represent three souls, agreeing to hold, challenge and love each other to grow. They have agreed to be born one at a time, then wait for each other to arrive in body. Each one will be born, and form a family. This is the sacred moment, when they all agree.

Dr Franky Dolan meditated over this, and began sculpting each intricate detail, using various clays, mediums and paints. This piece has an incredibly unique feel, as it is clay, but a similar look to a leathery ancient relic, with bronze and gold patina. In person, this has an incredibly powerful presence. Touch it, and you will know the true depth of soul that went into this.


-Dimensions: 20x20 Inches
-Original masterpiece art with separate printed story
-Legal Certificate Of Authenticity, signed by the artist
-Custom fine art packaging for upgraded UPS and USPS Priority shipping


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