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"Palazzo Ingresso" by Dr Franky Dolan

An ancient palace, far into the history of Roman architecture and folklore, housed this fairytale portal. Ornate gold laden walls, with marble charm and allure, call to the most refined and beautiful beings throughout. Magic and music sing down the halls beyond this door, and into the world of Fae. A raised portrait adorns the doorway, and greets all who approach. Such deep beauty calls for only the most extravagant and extraordinary dreamers.

-Shadow Box Approximate Size: 9H x 11W x 2.75D inches
-Door Approximate Size: 7.25H x 7.75W inches
-Original artwork with separate printed story
-Certificate Of Authenticity, signed by the artist
-Custom packaging for USPS Priority shipping
-Hang these precious doors on a wall, or keep them on a desk, a floorboard, by your bed, or anywhere else that you wish.

Shadow Box: All boxes are handmade, so each varies ever so slightly in size, with beautifully distressed nuances and details.