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"Violin Spirit" by Dr Franky Dolan

An antique musical instrument is totally reinvented by Dr Franky Dolan. He meditated and channeled the energy of the past musicians who used this beautifully old distressed instrument. This woman came through, and he began to sculpt, paint and forever enhance this gorgeous violin. The instrument came to Dr Dolan broken, and left among the rubble of forgotten music. Slowly, layer after layer unveiled. Painting, sanding, scrubbing, sculpting, adding subtracting. And the process continued for over a year to complete this harmonious beauty. Finally, a spirit was resurrected and the new masterpiece arrived to our world, with the silhouette of a violin.

The spirit of this violin is a woman. She is sultry, refined, wise and mysterious. Her voice is her core, plucked and strung by human fingers. Caress her spine and slide down her strings. A sound will be heard, and she will sing of passion once more.

-Height: 24 inches
-Width: 8 inches
-Depth: 3 inches
-Original artwork
-Certificate Of Authenticity, signed by the artist
-Custom packaging for USPS Priority shipping

Each art piece is gift wrapped, accompanied by a care package and filled with information about the artist that you are supporting. All professionally packaged and shipped via Priority mail, for speedy delivery and extra care.