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Premium Painting Package

Visual Spiritual Gifts To Heal The Soul


Original 5X7 Oracle Painting on Canvas

Spiritually Channelled Written Story

Personalized Guided Meditation Card

Personalized Mantra Card

Inspired Letter From Dr Franky Dolan

Legal Certificate of Authenticity

Complimentary Gift Wrapping



Due to the depth of work and care put into these exclusive custom packages, space is very limited. Once the service is full, this listing will be taken down. Reserve your spot by paying the 1st Monthly Payment of $1000. Once your first month payment is complete, we will contact you and set up your 12 month subscription via PayPal, billed $1000 each month for a year. - Or, prepay for the year and receive one month free! 

We will then send you a fun questionnaire all about you and your desires for your Mini Drawing Package and spiritual empowerment. It's easy and so fulfilling to receive these beautiful gifts every month; created, composed and gift wrapped just for your spiritual healing and growth.

Give this spiritual healing gift to yourself and to those you love! So please, open your heart, open your mind and get ready to receive custom made healing art packages, created just for you!