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"The Prince" By Dr Franky Dolan

A nostalgic prince, adorned with rhinestones and metals, holds his heart in his hand. He clenches it and protects it from any more pain or sorrow. Still bright-eyed, he believes in the goodness of the world and hopes for happiness among us all. He sits in his musical ball room, absorbing in all the grand sounds of cellos, violins, pianos, percussions, brasses, and of course, music boxes. He waits for a friend to come and make music with him once more...

Turn the brass musical key on the side of the box and you will hear "Beethoven's 5th Symphony" sound throughout the land. Tap the chandelier and watch it dance and sparkle with hand threaded crystals in place of the light. Hand soldered stained glass windows dangle in front, alongside the metal chain drapes. An ornate clay sculpture adorns the roofline and ornate metal feet hold the piece up. Real crystal squares twinkle like starlight along the walls. All beautifully framed by loose French moulding. Opposite of the prince himself, sits a beloved cello, in bronzed metal and hand-embellished silver solder.

The Doll:
His body and face are hand sculpted and painted, made to look like an old world primitive art doll. He is constructed of wood and clay, with metals and antique jewelry pieces. His crown has a floating rhinestone that moves and sparkles as he is gently handled. Other crystals and antique bits are adorned about his entire body. His shoulders have old world jewelry findings and dangling chain. Look down at his hands and you will see that they are tiny rounded metal enclosures; one holding a red crystal jewel, which represents his heart in his hand, or, on his sleeve. He has soft lacy ribbon on his wrists and at his feet. The boots are hand sculpted clay, intricate with detail. The clay jacket that he wears is permanently affixed with a beautiful rhinestone clasp. He is totally hand carved, sculpted and painted by the hands of the artist.

This music box diorama is artistic mastery at its finest, in every single detail. It is a true one of a kind art piece with no comparison, original in design and function, this diorama is achingly stunning in person. It must be seen, touched and heard to fully appreciate its wonder.

This magical masterpiece is extremely well built, with the most passionate of care and artistry. A true wonder for the lucky owner to have forever, never to be recreated again. This is the only one of its kind in the world. ~ Play it, and just watch the magic manifest!

-Song played is "Beethoven's 5th Symphony"
-Box measures 14 inches tall, 9.5 inches wide, 5 inches deep
-Art Doll measures approximately 11 inches tall, 6 inches when seated
-Components: Antique rhinestone jewelry, clay, wood, silver-soldered pieces, chain, music box movement, crystals, metal brass-patina cello, ornate metal box feet, real stained-glass windows wrapped in silver solder