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"Body of an Angel" Commission by Dr Franky Dolan

You can COMMISSION your own! ~ Personalized one of a kind made-to-order sculpture.

Dr Franky Dolan has visions of angels as he sits to sculpt. His suffering in life has brought him many spiritual visions and experiences, beyond words. Sometimes, the best way to express it, is through art. What a gift.

This commission is for the body of an angel, hand sculpted with highest quality non-toxic clay and paints. This is a classic torso, with a bit of a twist. A male or female torso can be presented with large metal mesh wings, sculpted and interweaved within clay. Several days of work are focussed solely on these fine art sculptures; resulting in a refined bronze look, yet it is created with an earth-friendly clay!

Your original piece will be a gorgeous statement for any art collector. This price-point offers a sculpture measuring approximately 10' wide with the wing span, and 8 " tall. Being that your commissioned piece will be completely hand created and original, yours will slightly vary from the photos. The base will be in a beautiful solid wood, similar to the one pictured as well. Length of time to complete each Body of an Angel sculpture is approximately 2-4 weeks, depending on overall details. These etherial sculptures are celestial and oh so beautiful in person.

Each art piece is gift wrapped, accompanied by a care package and filled with information about the artist that you are supporting. All professionally packaged and shipped via Priority mail, for speedy delivery and extra care.