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"Old World Map #2" Hand Painted on Authentic Cloth Canvas by Dr Franky Dolan

Your new Old-World Map will be inspired by the colors and textures of the map featured in the photos within this listing. We offer many different sizes, colors and overall aesthetics. When you purchase this listing, you will have a beautiful hand-painted map made for you! Each is uniquely hand-painted and inked onto thick museum quality unstretched cloth canvas. These can be made in multiple sets, and in nearly any size imaginable. So dream big and have fun with this exciting map art process!

Maps will be created by hand and finished within approximately 2-4 weeks for smaller maps, and 4-8 weeks for large scale maps. They are hand-painted on extra heavy cotton cloth canvas, with layers of inks, paint pigments, metallic patinas and beautiful old-world wax-like mediums. This is an absolute one of a kind treasure, honoring history and modern art, in one.

Included with every Fae Factory map art creation is a *legal Certificate of Authenticity.*