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"The Uplifted Rabbit" by Dr Franky Dolan

A sweet little rabbit often stays under ground to nurture the earth below. He tends to the wild gardens and makes sure that they are not alone. Such heart in this tiny creature. He watches the sun as it rises over the ground each morning. Today is a special day though. It is the day when all the plants are in bloom and the first rainfall has ended. His little nose twinkles and he is filled with a freshness only mother earth can make. All of the plants and animals feel this, and they merge. The rose vines gently hug around his body and lift him way up on the tip-top of an old tree trunk. The world looks new now.

He is brave up here, trusting the creatures around him to keep him safe. His legs joyfully kick and he lifts his chin to the sky. Peaking and peering, he sees the sun painting the earth with golden light. The same world he always knew is beautifully changed. From a new perspective, he evolves, and finds faith in the future, in this magical earth, and in himself. Today, this bunny is lifted and free. ~

Bring him into your home and he will help to manifest a sense of bravery, newness and an adventurous freedom. What a beautiful little one of a kind companion. ... Today, he is brave, and today, he has seen the world.

-Original artwork, hand sculpted with clay and laden in gold patinas
-Masterfully painted and crafted on a solid wood base
-Certificate Of Authenticity, signed by the artist
-Size: 13.5 inches tall x 7 inches wide
-Custom packaging for USPS Priority shipping

The final art piece will be carefully handled, professionally packaged, shipped and properly cared for as a large fine art masterpiece. Each art piece is accompanied with information about the artist and his cause that you are supporting.