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"Vina" by Dr Franky Dolan

Manifesting Powerful Life Energy


Vina, the Empress of the vines. She is an ethereal Empress, governing the harvests of vines. When she is passionate, she is filled with a rich wine-like substance, and the alluring smell of fruitful wine surrounds her. When she is angry, thorny vines erupt and no one can touch her. Very seldom does sadness hit her, but when it does, her features seem to wilt and fade. As she is happy, she exudes colors of fruit, flowers and wine. She is a true and loving Empress, knowing much wisdom and sharing her life abundantly. 

All who are around her will be graced with growing abundance and wonder. Like vines of a greater existence, Vina brings nothing but pure, passionate life... 

We have many Wall Sculptures available now. The only place you can find these in the world is right here. Once an original is sold, it will never be created exactly the same again. No two Wall Sculptures will ever be the same, though you can commission and customize artwork with a very similar look and feel. See the dropdown menu for the various commission listings. Photos represent an original hand sculpted piece. You can have your own gorgeous work of art, made with the same emotional, spiritual and professional talents, by the artist himself, Dr Franky Dolan.

Commission pieces, depending on sizes and overall details, vary from 2 - 14 weeks to complete. Let us know your desires and we will work to accommodate your wishes.

-Original masterpiece art with separate printed story
-Legal Certificate Of Authenticity, signed by the artist
-Custom fine art packaging for upgraded UPS and USPS Priority shipping


Every Hand-Embellished replica from Fae Factory comes with a professional acrylic Exhibit Label to be displayed next to your artwork. Just as you see in prestigious art galleries and museums. Each Exhibit Label is a self-adhesive wall mount, complete with the story of the painting and information on the artwork itself. Collect multiple works of Fae Factory art, and you can turn any wall into your own art gallery!