"Happy Elf" by Dr Franky Dolan

Bringing Joyful Love

A grassy meadow is quiet and serene. That is, until sweet little roses mysteriously pop up one by one. A slight rumble seems to be coming from below the ground. Another rose, and another. Finally, the face of a mischievous little elf bursts through with laughter. All the nearby creatures look over and begin to laugh as well. It was the elf who pushed the roses up. He basks in the happy goodness of it all. Chuckles, giggles, knuckles and wiggles; this is one happy elf!

When the fields of your soul begin to wither, reach for this little elf and he will bring you happiness and roses!


-Dimensions: 16x40 Inches
-Original masterpiece art with separate printed story
-Legal Certificate Of Authenticity, signed by the artist
-Custom fine art packaging for upgraded UPS and USPS Priority shipping


Every Hand-Embellished replica from Fae Factory comes with a professional acrylic Exhibit Label to be displayed next to your artwork. Just as you see in prestigious art galleries and museums. Each Exhibit Label is a self-adhesive wall mount, complete with the story of the painting and information on the artwork itself. Collect multiple works of Fae Factory art, and you can turn any wall into your own art gallery!

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