"Grand Tour Intaglio Necklace" by Dr Franky Dolan

The great Grand Tour, which began in the 1600s, was a fantastical journey taken by only the elite of European society, and those lucky enough to find benefactors to provide access to the extraordinary journey. They would learn about great figures of mythology, folklore and legends. As a momentum of their special travels, they would receive these highly coveted works of plaster art.

There are many who attempt to create similar emblems today, but we have mastered the extremely delicate process of reproducing true replicas of authentic European Intaglios, originally made hundreds of years ago! This is a unique opportunity to own a piece of what once was reserved for a rare few. Now, you can have one for yourself, made in Fae Factory style, and wear it around your neck, or display it for others to see. This is true Fae Factory jewelry art! Such a gift...

This is one of our rare powerful pieces, created from our collection of authentic Grand Tour Intaglios. This piece has been artistically resurrected, made from Fae Factory Porcelain-Plaster and old artisan ink. Hand-painted and hand-soldered; this gorgeous art piece is approximately 1-inch tall, with an 18-inch black copper color metal chain. A beautiful gold-dipped bail completes the piece.

This piece is hand-signed in calligraphy by Dr Franky Dolan.