"Old World Map #10" Hand Painted on Authentic Cloth Canvas by Dr Franky Dolan

**The artist, Dr Franky Dolan, is pictured working on one of our maps over 100 inches wide!***

Here we have gorgeous old world maps, beautifully painted over and protected by Dr Franky Dolan. With an intense passion for the forgotten beauty of ancient art, he has a collection of rare ancient maps and artifacts. We specially select and print old faded black and white impressions of real maps, most of which were originally inked in the 1500 - 1700s!

Maps are on thick cotton cloth canvas, with layers of inks, paint pigments, metallic patinas and beautiful old world wax-like mediums.

1...Choose your colors, including metallic colors such as gold, copper, silver, bronze etc. (Most old world maps use copper or gold. See other map examples in the shop for ideas if needed.)

2...Depending on your color and size specifications, and our work demands, this process will take anywhere from 2-12 weeks per canvas map to be completed.
(Canvas maps are loose, without matting; they can be rolled like treasure maps.)

SIZE NOTE: If you have specific time constrains, or need a size that is unlisted here, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Dr Dolan is a master color composer. He layers paints and mediums to allow the piece to actually change color, depending on the time of day or the angle of light. He brings these maps back to a whole new life, using colorful layers of specialty inks and paints that will last the test of time. Look closely, see the brush strokes and ink marks that he enhances the maps with, all by hand. Faded areas and distressing are a beautiful part of this artistic resurrection. The metallic paints become so incredibly alive in person. These original one of a kind art pieces are true heart-filled resurrections of the forgotten art of map-making. It is true old world, reincarnated through art.

Many scientific and metaphoric messages are written throughout most maps, alongside the depictions of mythological tales and times. Each final map painting includes a legal *certificate of authenticity* and an original calligraphy signature from by Dr Franky Dolan himself!

We will skillfully wrap and pack this map, adding bonus cards with information about the cause that your purchase supports. Upgraded Priority shipping is included as well for extra care and speedy delivery!