"Spirit of A Tree" 5 Cards & Envelopes Set by Dr Franky Dolan

Dr Dolan's story, printed on this Poetic Art Card, "SPIRIT OF A TREE":
My hands were blue with paint as I laid beside the canvas on the floor, feeling the colors and sensing a spirit ready to come through. I began to paint a shape and found a sense of surprise as the vision of a tree erupted from the ground. All living things have an essence, a spirit. I thought to myself, how can I depict the spirit within a tree, without painting an archetypical tree?

Different shades of white seemed to slide so easily up and down the canvas. Tiny flakes fell from the large clusters of white branches and leaves at the top. These were little kisses of life that floated down to the flowers, grass and earth below. In turn, these flowers, grass and earth reciprocated little kisses of life back to this grand spirit within the tree. ...And so is life. A cyclical sweetness of kisses and connecting spirits.

Sending Love,

Dr Franky Dolan

(Cards can be framed as little art prints! Non-folding, postcard format!)

Dr Franky Dolan's touching writing style has been published in numerous magazines, for his unique ability to provoke nostalgia and inspiration. He had a dream of creating these little cards, which can be shared abundantly, all for the purpose of lifting the heavy hearts of the world. He created an entire series of deeply beautiful poetic stories that accompany his original paintings and creations. Now, those powerful images and poetic stories come together in one easily shared package. These are much more than just simple greeting cards, they are true works of literature and visual art.

Each card is printed in a one-sheet (non-folded) format that can be handled like beautiful little art prints, framed and hung on the wall; or they can be traded or shared like traditional collectable cards. In order to maximize the flexibility of these cards, they come as a single sheet of glossy cardstock paper, like a postcard format. The backside has the accompanying poetic story, with enough open space for you to write your own little sweet notes to someone special. Complimentary crisp white envelopes are included for every card.

The cards measure a standard 5.5" by 4.25". ...What fun to have and to share these little magical works of art!