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"Mermaid" by Dr Franky Dolan

Reminding Us to Believe in Our Deepest Fantasies

Like angels of the sea, mermaids often emerge when we least expect them. This beautiful siren is floating above the sea-green waters for the world to witness. She wants us to believe in things that we once knew to be true, back when we were dream-catching children who wished upon stars and searched for mystical creatures in the earth. "Every dreamer needs a dream," she says with her luminous heart. She appears like an ancient copper statue, broken in time, yet forever bold in spirit. Her luscious hair flows and wanes with the tides of life, ever changing and ever evolving.

She comes to us as a reminder of ourselves. "Believe, my friends. Believe in what you were born to be. No matter what challenges pull you under, never be afraid to dive deeper and rescue the dreamer within." Her voice is not spoken aloud, it is spoken from an inner spirit, and if you are quiet and still, you can hear it too. She says to let your fantasies swim within your deepest mind, and let yourself emerge as the beautiful, mystical and powerful being that you are meant to be.

We have many Wall Sculptures available now. The only place you can find these in the world is right here. Once an original is sold, it will never be created exactly the same again. No two Wall Sculptures will ever be the same, though you can commission and customize artwork with a very similar look and feel. See the dropdown menu for the various commission listings. Photos represent an original hand sculpted piece. You can have your own gorgeous work of art, made with the same emotional, spiritual and professional talents, by the artist himself, Dr Franky Dolan.

Commission pieces, depending on sizes and overall details, vary from 2 - 14 weeks to complete. Let us know your desires and we will work to accommodate your wishes.

-Original masterpiece art with separate printed story
-Legal Certificate Of Authenticity, signed by the artist
-Custom fine art packaging for upgraded UPS and USPS Priority shipping


Every Hand-Embellished replica from Fae Factory comes with a professional acrylic Exhibit Label to be displayed next to your artwork. Just as you see in prestigious art galleries and museums. Each Exhibit Label is a self-adhesive wall mount, complete with the story of the painting and information on the artwork itself. Collect multiple works of Fae Factory art, and you can turn any wall into your own art gallery!