"Apparitions of Romance" by Dr Franky Dolan

An old 19th century mansion held nothing but memories before it was overtaken by an academy of scholarly orphans. The children ran around the halls and empty rooms on the day of moving in. They laughed so hard that magic erupted, and this very door appeared.

Visions of Ladies and Gentlemen waltzing with white gloves and powder puffs kicked up from the dusty floorboards. The children were unafraid, as they joined in on the dancing and gaiety. It was romantic waltzes and haunting fun for decades to come.

As the children grew to become great leaders of the world, they came together for one last dance. They turned the emerald knob and unlocked a world within a world. Spirits and music played once more as the door became enchanted. Now it holds the ability to keep memories alive forever. Stand before it and you may just find yourself dancing with your own apparitions of romance.

-Shadow Box Approximate Size: 8.75W x 10.75H x 2.75D inches
-Door Approximate Size: 6.5W x 7.5H inches
-Original artwork with separate printed story
-Certificate Of Authenticity, signed by the artist
-Custom packaging for USPS Priority shipping
-Hang these precious doors on a wall, or keep them on a desk, a floorboard, by your bed, or anywhere else that you wish.

Shadow Box: All boxes are handmade, so each varies ever so slightly in size, with beautifully distressed nuances and details.