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"Bello, Bello" by Dr Franky Dolan

Seeing the Balance of Beauty Within the Masculine

Bello, the name of a beautiful boy. His face appears from yesteryear; a world of Baroque courts and horse-run carriages. People commonly walked on the earth, breathed the purest air, and acted on instinct then. As I began painting him, I felt a presence with me, whispering words of rich culture and a time passed. I tapped into it and began unapologetically flirting with androgyny. I let go of all confinement and restriction from the gender roles that we play. He has a feminine, androgynous look, as many strong men of his time had. It makes me think, if all of us were to live as our truest selves, the world would turn with such ease and happiness.

His essence represents a balance of many life qualities. A youthfulness that seems beyond its years; a robust masculinity that can only be fully enjoyed through his graceful femininity. No boundaries, driven for fashion, style and high art. A moment, taken from time, shared on canvas. He wants us to know that his legacy of living a full and rich life, can be shared by all who open their hearts. Put your insecurities on a ship that sails back to yesterday. Let them stay there, behind you. As for today, grow a rich beautiful garden of life in the center of your soul. Find your truest, most enchanted self, and let it bloom with sweet fragrance for the world to enjoy. Embrace your truest self, and you too will be Bello, Bello beautiful.

Sending Love,

Dr Franky Dolan

These museum quality, fine art replicas are printed onto authentic museum-wrapped cloth canvas; hand stretched over a 100% kiln-dried wood structure; and installed with fine art hardware, ready to hang! All assembled by skilled artisan hands. It just doesn't get higher quality than this. Each piece is then hand-embellished; lightly painted over with the same paints, mediums and care used in the original. Completed and signed by the artist himself! Details in color and texture are altered ever so slightly for each piece, resulting in a stunning one-of-a-kind work of art. No other hand-embellished replica in the world will be exactly like yours!

*A legal certificate of authenticity will accompany your new artwork.*

Every Hand-Embellished replica from Fae Factory comes with a professional acrylic Exhibit Label to be displayed next to your artwork. Just as you see in prestigious art galleries and museums. Each Exhibit Label is a self-adhesive wall mount, complete with the story of the painting and information on the artwork itself. Collect multiple works of Fae Factory art, and you can turn any wall into your own art gallery!

{For larger sizes, bulk and corporate gift orders, please contact us directly.}

The overall process takes approximately 2-6 weeks to complete, depending on season, size and details. If you are needing a fast turn-around, we will do whatever we can to accommodate your needs.

Every Fae Factory art piece is hand inspected and professionally packaged for worldwide deliveries. Upgraded Priority Shipping is included whenever possible for extra care and speedy delivery! -FREE SHIPPING on additional items placed in the same order!

At no additional charge, we can gift wrap one or more of our artworks and ship to anywhere in the world. Please contact us with your requests. ...The greatest gift is one that keeps on giving: to you, your loved ones, and to a very important cause!